Facility Management is an integrative business action that coordinates space, infrastructure, people and organisation. It is responsible for managing the services and processes that sustain the core of a company. The staff is involved in both strategic planning and regular operations peculiarly in regards to building premises. It is generally concerned with operations like catering, housekeeping, space management, ground maintenance, transport and cargo. It is a crucial element in supporting any organisation in carrying out its core business, whatever that may be, by providing a safe and effective environment wherein to work.

The company usually finds it difficult to appoint a proper staff for these activities. Hence they pursue a firm which can help in tackling similar operations. At Swaraj Associates, we provide companies with the corresponding services. Our obliging staff assist the clients in fulfilling their operations. We deliver top notched services which our clients always find beneficial and are pleased with.

Swaraj Facility Services is committed to delight customers by providing superior and innovative facility services and mechanized cleaning solutions at competitive rates.

Various Facility Services include:

  • Upkeep and maintenance of the premises.
  • Window cleaning, wall washing and cobwebs removal.
  • Dusting of windowsills, ledges and clean window glasses.
  • Dusting of louvered windows, mini blinds, lamps and ceiling fans.
  • Dusting of furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards.
  • Vacuuming furniture including underseat cushions.
  • Cleaning of telephones, light switches, fire fighting machines.
  • Cleaning toilet elements like health faucets, taps and niche holders.
  • Carpet shampooing.
  • Wet mopping.
  • Dry mopping (Techniques used).
  • Auto Scrubber Machine.
  • Single Disk Scrubbing Machine.
  • Vacuumed Drier Weight Machine.
  • Mechanical sweeper.