Welcome to Swaraj Associates

Swaraj Associates was founded on the sound principle of augmenting business acumen, so as to serve the varied and diverse needs and interests of clients, at the local, national and international level. With deep insights and strategic foresight, we look forward to expand our horizons and set benchmarks in the industry.

Spearheaded by Mrs. Jyoti Santosh Patil, Swaraj Associates has been unwavering in its plans to initiate new frontiers for a multitude of businesses, thereby enhancing the quality of service.

Our quest towards merit and brilliance is amply evident by the faith the clients put in us. Swaraj Associates looks forward to expand its business worldwide.

About us

About us

Why Us ?

Swaraj Associates possesses a deep-rooted service philosophy: "Our People and Our Equipment are your key to Success".

It is much more than just manpower, logistics management, distribution and warehousing company. Our job is to make sure that from raw material to finished goods, we provide the services and information necessary to give our clients a competitive edge in the management of their supply chains.

Our business ensures quality customer service and our team does whatever it takes to make that happen. Our employees try to ensure that we exceed our customer’s expectations and they thrive on your success.

Our Philosophy


We’re committed to the goals laid down and will leave no stone unturned in striving to achieve them. We follow the policy of complete Responsibility for Success with no Excuses.


We are very honest in our working attitude and always strive to fulfill our customer's needs.


Collaboration and teamwork, sharing of expertise and ideas, within and between businesses, is the hallmark that enables us to take quick and sound decisions.


Come what may, we do not let any hindrance or obstruction affect the loyalty between us and our partners, as well as with our customers.


We think about tomorrow and start acting on it today. Our pursuit is always for the future.


We desire to be acknowledged for our integrity, interest and ingenious services. We engage ourselves into understanding the necessities of our clients and discovering creative solutions. The ambience at Swaraj Enterprises is enriched with cooperation, professionalism and trustworthiness. We are raising a qualitative management staff and wish to enhance it even more by making the environment more employee friendly. We aim to become a one stop solution to all your warehousing, liaisoning and facility management requirements.


We believe in transference in thoughts as well as actions with our clients, staff and employees. Our vision is to deliver world class services, high performance and great value to our clients to become an absolute provider of feasible and completely technology-driven facility management services.


We are in the business from the last 4 years with an exceptionally good existence in Maharashtra. We have more than 250 employees who are comfortably working with us. Swaraj Associates offers Commercial Consulting, Facility Management, Payroll Management, Warehousing Services at one place to all its clients and partners. We have a staff of highly experienced and qualified professionals who develop strategic solutions. Working with various fast growing companies and organisation, we have enhanced our knowledge and expertise in far reaching fields.